Livliga Dinnerware

At a time when millions of Americans are seeking long-term solutions to various health and weight loss concerns, Livliga offers an innovative yet simple approach to establishing healthy lifestyle changes. A leader in the portion control category, Livliga offers a patented line of elegantly-designed, mindful dinnerware, service ware and glassware, developed to subtly guide users in eating well-balanced meals with appropriate serving sizes.

Through a unique philosophy known as “VisualQs,” Livliga allows users to be “effortlessly mindful” of their daily food intake. The concept states that our bodies and minds look for visual cues within our everyday environment, which help us determine the amount of food we consume in one sitting. With this in mind, Livliga products feature strategic designs, colors, and shapes, which guide individuals into practicing portion control eating in an effortlessly mindful way.

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